Horseshoe Charm Picture

Since ancient times, it was believed to find a horseshoe to luck. According to the folk tale, the blacksmith, who shod the unclean, made a contract with him: he is not included in the house where the horseshoe hangs horns down. In every home there should be a charm. Who, if not he, will protect the inhabitants from evil spirits? Will you keep peace, luck, prosperity in your house? But where can you find a horseshoe in the city? So you have to take everything into your own hands. It should be noted that for the manufacture of the charm traditionally used natural (natural) materials. For example, sacking symbolizes abundance and wealth, wood - the unity and strength of the family. I hope you get a lot of pleasure from the manufacturing process, and your relatives, friends and acquaintances - a nice gift. Wards are not made for themselves, they are made for others. For work you will need: - the base of a rectangular shape (size 250x200 mm - depends on what kind of work you want to see). It can be cardboard, plywood or a finished photo frame; - burlap,larger than the base by 10 mm on each side (270x220 mm); - figure-shaped wooden beadings (ordinary ones can be used); - tissue napkins (any); - furniture stapler; - acrylic paint black and bronze color. Acrylic black paint can be purchased in a balloon, no matter what kind - matte or glossy; - glue gun or any glue, but not stationery; - PVA glue, sponge, marker, small brush, scissors.
You will need to work
Stages of creating the picture" Horseshoe " To begin with, we prepare the foundation. Rectangular blanks are covered with sacking, fastened with a stapler or glue.
 prepare the foundation
Attach the glazing beads, pre-measured and cut at a 45 ° angle. For this we use glue (stapler or small nails).
 We attach shtapiki
Prepare flagella from napkins. To do this, fold the folded cloth into strips of 10-15 mm. Having wetted a hand or a sponge with water we twist the flagellum. Give dry.It will take 4-5 napkins, depending on the size.
 Prepare flagella from napkins
On the basis of the panel draw a sketch of a horseshoe, for this artistic abilities are not necessary. You can draw a sketch on a piece of paper and cut it, and then circle it.
 draw a sketch of a horseshoe with a marker
With the help of PVA glue, lay out the flagella drawing in an arbitrary form, starting from the contour. Here you can experiment, put a flagellum in a zigzag or twist it with a ring.
 lay out the flagella drawing
 Fill the horseshoe space
Fill the space horseshoes as tight as possible. It’s not scary if you need to apply a short flagellum in the end, this will give the product more charm.
 Fill the horseshoe space
In places where the horseshoe is supposedly attached, we imitate mount. You can twist the flagellum in the form of a ring.In this case, we attach it with a glue gun, a coin.
 imitate the mount
Give the product to dry for 24 hours. Apply black paint. It is better to do on the street or balcony. Let the paint dry well again.
 We put black paint
 Apply black paint
Apply bronze acrylic paint, not taking a lot of material on the sponge, with mild impregnating movements.
apply bronze acrylic paint

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