Horoscope for 2014: Fish

The upcoming 2014 will be a year of accomplishments for Pisces. The Blue Horse is an animal hardworking, hardy and strong, therefore the horoscope also foreshadows the representatives of the sign for hard work, active recreation and excellent results of such activity. The year will be very successful in the event that Pisces can find a new hobby for themselves, an occupation in which they want to plunge into their heads. New achievements at work, traveling to exotic countries or an original hobby will allow people born under the water mark to take a step to a new level. In the coming year you should not be afraid of new acquaintances, big companies and unexpected offers. Career growth horoscope does not promise, but fresh ideas and useful acquaintances will be able to serve well in the foreseeable future.

The second half of spring and the beginning of summer of 2014 are the most suitable period for rest. At this time, concentrating on work will be quite difficult, so it’s better not to try. Full rest will only benefit, so at the slightest opportunity the Pisces should be distracted from the routine and go on a long journey.If the financial situation does not allow you to go abroad, you can spend time with your family. At the beginning of summer, the horoscope recommends that representatives of the sign spend time with children or a loved one, to be engaged in the improvement of their home. Pisces will enter the new year of 2014 with nervous tension that will continue from the previous year. Proper rest and recovery of the body during the New Year holidays will relieve stress and prepare for working days. Representatives of the sign, leading an active lifestyle, the horoscope of deterioration in health does not prophesy. Those who did not remember the state of the body for a long time should undergo a routine examination by a doctor. During 2014, Pisces may have vision problems due to prolonged sitting at the computer. Perhaps, some of the representatives of the sign will have to change their sitting work to a more active one. In the future, it will bear good results. Financial affairs with Pisces will go up the hill - even without changing the work, the representatives of the sign will be able to increase revenues. A year is not likely to bring large purchases. The biggest item of expenditure for family Pisces will be children, on whom most of the money earned will have to be spent.The good news is that the horoscope promises a salary increase or highly paid additional duties. In the middle of 2014, Pisces will find a new path of development, for which at first large cash expenditures will be needed. However, spending money in the coming year will have to be very careful. Despite some financial stability, own business can become ruinous for Pisces. New projects are better to postpone for the future, and in 2014 only to build a base for them.

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