Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine

Who resorts to treatment with plants?

Those who are looking for an alternative to chemical medicines are increasingly turning to herbal medicine (herbal therapy) and homeopathy. Often, in the treatment of many diseases, it is effective to combine herbal and homeopathic medicines with traditional medicines.

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Herbal medicine - herbal therapy

Phytotherapy is a generous gift of nature to man, helping him to fight many ailments. With the help of medicinal plants, you can maintain immunity, reduce inflammation, clean the body of toxins, reduce pressure and much more.

Concentrated extracts of herbs help to deal not only with the symptoms of the disease, but also with its causes. They act through the glands, supplying nutrients to the most intimate parts of our body. In the use of herbal remedies for therapeutic purposes, the main condition is the observance of a reasonable balance, because each organism reacts to them in its own way. Herbs are best used in collections and regularly, do not expect quick results.Here the rule applies: "slowly but surely."

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Homeopathy treatment

Recently, homeopathy has become widely used - an alternative therapeutic method of treating drugs made from natural components of plant, animal and mineral origin with micro-doses.

The principle of homeopathy was formulated by Hippocrates - "the treatment of such like." This type of medicine proceeds from the position that natural substances that cause a painful reaction in large doses, in small doses, can have a healing effect and promote healing, evoking the body's own regenerative properties.

The use of homeopathy is usually a long process. Obvious signs of improvement are observed after several weeks, or even months. You must comply with the recommended dose and regimen of the drug.

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