Homemade Apricot Jelly Candy

Who said that useful should be expensive? In the season, anyone can make homemade sweets, at a price they will be much cheaper than shopping. Summer dessert is very easy to prepare. For homemade jelly sweets you will need a pack of gelatin, three pairs of apricots, half a cup of sugar.
 Homemade jelly candies made from apricots
First, soak the gelatin so that it softens, meanwhile I cook apricots.
 Homemade jelly candies of apricots
I remove them and their bones, flesh pulp lcha in the mixer (peel not removed).
 Homemade jelly candies from apricots
Homemade jelly candies from apricots I spread it in a bowl with sugar, pour a glass of water, put it on the fire.I don’t like to cook for a long time, but this is a matter of taste.
 Homemade apricot jelly candies
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 Homemade Apricot Jelly Candies

Gelatin increases substantially in volume, I add it to apricots, after turning off the fire.
 Homemade jelly candies made from apricots
 Homemade apricot jelly candies
As the liquid just boiled, gelatin dissolves without additional heating.
 Homemade jelly candies made from apricots
Poured into shapes (used disposable plates), let it cool a little and put it in the fridge.
Homemade jelly candies from apricots
Usually, these desserts are prepared in the evening, by the morning the delicacy is ready.It remains to cut into pieces. I sprinkled them with powdered sugar, but it immediately absorbed, so maybe this is not the best idea.
 Homemade apricot jelly candies
Home-made jelly candies made from apricots
If you want to get a homogeneous mass, cook apricots longer, then pass through a sieve or apply immersion blender. I like to feel pieces of fruit in jelly, so I didn’t grind much. The treat is cool, fragrant, moderately sweet. Candies are quite satisfying, definitely more useful than industrial ones. Those who are on a diet, you can replace sugar with fructose or do not add it at all.

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