Hollywood beauties: in the movie sex symbols, but in life simpletons

They play the movie of impeccable heroes and shine on the red carpet. Millions of women around the world go crazy about them, men want to be like them. Only the ubiquitous paparazzi remind us that in real life, celebrities - ordinary guys.

When it comes to Hollywood actors, far from the secular gloss and luxury, Keanu Reeves comes to mind immediately. In the movie, he plays the fatal beauties: a hired killer in the action movie "John Wick", a magician and a destroyer of demons in "Constantine: Lord of Darkness", the mysterious hacker Neo in "The Matrix". At the premiere of films and film awards, Keanu puts on an official suit or tuxedo. In real life, Reeves is as far from glamorous as possible.

Keanu Reeves
Photo: Legion-media

The first case, proving that the actor in life - a simple and kind guy, happened back in 1997.Keanu spent the morning with the homeless in Hollywood. The actor was walking, saw a tramp and decided to sit down with him and talk about life, and at the same time have breakfast and drink together.

In 2011, the network got a video in which Keanu goes to the subway. Not only that the actor uses public transport, and not a personal driver, so this kind-hearted man is also, like a real gentleman, gives way to a woman.

To this day, the paparazzi often find a world famous actor dining on a bench in a park or sitting directly on the sidewalk. The popular meme "sad Keanu" has been wandering around the expanses of social networks for many years.

Screen images of sex characters such asJake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey and Gabriel Macht,also very different from reality. If in the cinema they play self-confident heartbreakers in stylish costumes and with perfect haircuts, they can be seen on the streets of the city in sports pants, stretched T-shirts and ridiculous baseball caps. In ordinary life, these are exemplary family men who also have to go to grocery stores, go out with children and play sports.

Even more star simpletki in our collection.

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