Henna eyebrow biotatuage: reviews and photos

Features biotatuazha

The procedure is harmless to health, as applied with vegetable dye - henna. A variety of shades of this natural dye is an indisputable advantage. The whole palette of shades can be seen in the photo below. Eyebrow biatuat is performed on the skin surface. This allows you to make the procedure painless and easy both at home and in beauty salons. In order to maintain a stable result for more than a month, the coloring composition must be kept for almost an hour. Within an hour, henna will ensure maximum coloring of the eyebrow hairs and the skin under them, and at the same time strengthen them.

henna biotatuage eyebrows

The advantages of biotatuazha

The main advantage is that natural dyes are used that do not harm health. Therefore, expert reviews boil down to the fact that it does not cause allergies and unpleasant consequences. Moreover, henna noticeably strengthens the hairs of the eyebrows. The price of henna biotatuage eyebrows is very loyal.Despite not a long-term result, the method is quite popular. It is possible in a month to change the color and shape of the eyebrows.

Lack of biotatuazha

After the procedure, careful eyebrow care is recommended. In order to not quickly wash off the paint, care should be taken for the eyebrows, not to allow detergents, steam, sea water on them, to limit visits to baths, saunas, and salt bathing. Although salt water is not so aggressive with respect to natural paints, nevertheless, the color in a week can run out.

A significant drawback is the duration of the procedure. Smooth application complicates the structural basis of henna, which makes it necessary to think once more about the place of biotatuage - in the beauty salon or at home. To do it at home requires some experience, namely: the ability to properly dilute henna powder, bring it to the desired consistency, the ability to distribute the finished mixture so that it turns out the intended shape and eyebrows did not differ from each other. If such knowledge and skills are available, then you can safely dare. But if there is any doubt, it is better to contact a specialist in a beauty salon.

Care Tips

  1. Before the henna biotatuaza procedure, it is necessary to clean the skin. To do this, use a scrub. After cleaning, staining is easier and better.
  2. In moderate quantities, you can use creams and lotions, try to make them less fall on the area of ​​staining.
  3. To fix the result, you need to daily lubricate them with any vegetable oil, which will improve the condition of hair, skin, eyebrows look.

henna biotatuage reviews

Coloring many beauties seems not very productive. However, biotatuage with henna has in most cases excellent reviews. Eyebrows are thicker, beautiful form, look more expressive - all this can be seen in the photo above. And only a small percentage of girls and women after the procedure in the beauty salon will be doing it at home on their own.

Henna biotatuage is the golden mean between decorative pencil and makeup, allowing you to change the appearance with a periodic frequency. It also reduces the time for applying everyday makeup.

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