Heidi Klum at the age of 44 put on a bikini for a young boyfriend

Supermodel is not shy frank swimsuit.

This spring, it became known that Heidi was seriously fascinated by the 28-year-old guitarist of Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz. Supermodel so in love that does not hold back feelings, kisses with her boyfriend in public and even become more open dress. The other day, the couple made a romantic walk on a yacht along the Cannes Coast. Heidi was sunbathing on the deck in a very open bikini, but Tom could not tear herself away from her.

The couple spent the whole day on the water, without departing from each other. The lovers did not even notice that all this time they were filmed by the paparazzi. As a result, the pictures of Heidi and Tom were in the network. Fans admired her model, and in fact Klum will turn 45 on June 1! And they noticed that next to the new boyfriend she does not look at all at her age and she clearly does not feel them.

Photo: @ legion-media
Photo: @ legion-media
Photo: @ legion-media
Photo: @ legion-media
Photo: @ legion-media

Heidi just glows with happiness.However, fans are somewhat concerned that after the divorce from the singer Silom, with whom Klum raised four children, she is thrown from side to side. First, the model began to meet with its own bodyguard, Martin Kristen, then with the famous art dealer Vito Schnabel, who is 13 years younger than her, and now he has been replaced by an even younger boyfriend. All these love adventures look like attempts to catch up on lost happiness. But perhaps everything is not so gloomy. Judging by the photo, with Kaulitz, Klum has real passion and a complete idyll. Who knows, maybe this relationship will not end in failure, but a beautiful wedding and Heidi will even risk becoming a mother for the fifth time.

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