Grilled zucchini in light marinade

You will need
  • - young zucchini (3-6 pcs.);
  • - olive oil (30 ml);
  • –Basilic (7 g);
  • –Anrope to taste;
  • - dry white wine (15 ml);
  • - soy sauce (10 ml);
  • –Drink to taste;
  • -salt;
  • - Peppermint to taste.
Wash squash thoroughly. Remove visible skin lesions with a knife. Cut the stalk of the vegetable on one side. Cut the courgette into rings, the thickness of which should be no more than 2-3 cm.
Prepare the marinade beforehand. To do this, take a bowl, pour olive oil, add soy sauce. Stir thoroughly so that the butter and sauce have a uniform consistency. Next, add dry wine, chopped or pressed through a press garlic, pepper, basil and dill. At the end, salt and stir again. Leave the marinade to infuse.
Squash grease with a small amount of olive oil, put on a wire rack and bake for 5-10 minutes. Please note that vegetables should not be burnt. It will spoil the taste of the dish.
Dip each circle of baked zucchini in sauce and place on a dish in a convenient sequence. It is better to lay out zucchini layers for the best marinovka.
Cover the zucchini with a special cling film and leave it for a while. The more the dish will be marinated, the more refined the taste will be. The dish can be varied baked carrots, bell peppers of different colors or potatoes. So you get a great assorted vegetables.

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