Great ideas for paintings that will allow you to create coziness in any room.

You often saw news that a picture that suited a more than 5-year-old child than a professional artist, was sold for millions and wondered why? If so, then you should not pay more. Believe that you are talented and can do no worse with your own hands.

Aroma of the east

Surely you have a house full of unnecessary drives, throwing that does not raise a hand. Well, it's their time! Give yourself a dish a la oriental tales.

Nature in the house

The most important nature in the house 🙂 Any branch can become a model for a picture. Normal spray gun will turn this composition into a work of art.

Tree of buttons

In order to grow a buttoned tree, it will not take much energy or time. Draw a trunk and decorate it with colorful bright buttons - a masterpiece is ready!

Patterns of electrical tape

Option for the most lazy "artists": lay out the electrical tape geometric shapes, paint free space, and then just remove it.

World map

Breathtaking idea: a printed map of the world printed on a tree perfectly coexists with an unnecessary board.

New life of old photos

There are a lot of unnecessary photos, which depict people completely unknown to you? Do not rush to throw away. Cover them with letters - and get the original composition.

Swallows have arrived

Thus, not only swallows can fly in, but also rooks, crows, nightingales and even charming pink flamingos. And who does not like flamingos?

Spray paint

You will need paint, an ordinary hair dryer and a good mood. Create yourself a cheerful cosiness that will warm your heart on long winter nights.

Wooden panels

Wooden decorations are usually conservative, but the translated picture will enliven them by making it a stylish accessory for the home. Do not be lazy to do the beauty!

Picture from newspapers

Even a child can create this picture! Just imagine, you are giving the old news a new life by decorating your wall with them.Who knows, maybe in a million years, archaeologists of the future will dig up your newspaper.

Fine hexagons

Do you still have finishing materials? Use them to create the same gorgeous wall panels of hexagons, or make it even better!

Lace pattern

The second chance for old napkins. In a company with a spray gun they will become a worthy decoration of your walls. This picture is not ashamed to hang in the living room, giving it originality.


Those who have dusty pieces of unused wallpaper, you can have fun drawing up a picture with a "Christmas tree" pattern or create your own pattern. Will come out anyway beautiful.

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