Grandma needlewoman herself cross stitch herself "wallpaper"

Ekaterina Sergeyevna is already over 80 years old. However, she is still full of vigor and optimism, making grand plans for the future. She decided to embroider a giant carpet for her great-grandchildren. Such work for the skilled worker is not new. 25 years she created the panel, recognized as the largest embroidered canvas in the world! Its length is more than 9 m, and its width is 2.5 m. The master has spent 25 years of her life on her work.

Now a unique embroidered picture adorns the walls of the room in Ekaterina Sergeyevna’s house.

Encouraged Catherine Kadolbu to create a grand canvas in 1987, an illustration from the magazine "Peasant Woman".

- I saw such a nice picture in the magazine: there are birches, dandelions are blooming. I thought, measured, marked this plot on the canvas, and since then everything is sewed and sewed! - smiling creator of the picture.

The picture began with this birch from the magazine “Peasant Woman” 25 years ago. Photo by Pavel DATSKOVSKY.

The materials used in the picture - a separate story.The fabric for the canvas was removed from her husband - initially it was intended for sewing the cover on the car.

- Ivan Ivanovich brought a roll, says: I need a cloak, put the car on. I glanced - and the fabric is so good, and the cross on it is convenient to count. Confiscated!- says Ekaterina Sergeyevna.

Plots from the canvas Catherine Cadolba views as photographs from the family album. Photo by Pavel DATSKOVSKY.

- I often had to be on business trips,- Ivan Ivanovich joins.- And wherever I went, from everywhere I brought my wife multicolored tangles. There was a shortage.

And nowadays, when business trips ended, but second-hand appeared, the needlewoman had a new idea where to get some material.

- I buy sweaters and other things, I spread out ... it goes much cheaper than yarn!- Ekaterina Sergeyevna brags.

So the picture was collected literally with the world on a thread. But the above is not always enough to realize our plans: I had to make sacrifices.

- It took a thread of protective color. And nowhere is it available! And in my wardrobe I hung a new sweater, presented by my husband, never put on.Just the right color was! "I had to dissolve it too,- says Ekaterina Sergeevna.- Ivan Ivanovich was not offended, he already understood how strong my passion was!

Catherine Cadolba

Now the biggest in Ukraine embroidery with a Bulgarian cross, measuring 2.5 by 9 meters, decorates the house of Ivan Ivanovich and Ekaterina Sergeevna, completely occupying two walls of the living room. Officially, the record is not fixed, but there seems to be no competitors. But there are admirers of talent - great-grandchildren. And though to please them is sacred, the great-grandmother Katya does not intend to repeat the record - her vision is not the same.

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