Gold Elephant Wire and Bead Pendant

A simple master class on making jewelry from wire, namely a cuteCoulomb Golden Elephant, decorated with multi-colored beads.

Materials and tools:

  1. 1.5 mm aluminum wire of gold color
  2. gold copper wire 0.3 mm
  3. multicolored beads 6 mm and 8 mm;
  4. round nose pliers;
  5. nippers;
  6. pliers.

Step 1

We bite off a piece of aluminum wire 30 cm long. Then we bend it as shown in the photo, i.e. in the form of an elephant.

For convenience, you can first draw a sketch.

Step 2

Now fasten the ends of the aluminum wire in the lower part of the back of the elephant, to do this, bite off a piece of copper wire and tightly wind the ends.

We make several curls of aluminum wire to decorate an elephant, and we also attach them to the elephant with thin copper wire.

Take a black bead 6 mm - it will be the eye, and another 6 multi-colored beads. All the beads are attached to the elephant with a thin copper wire: string the bead onto the wire and make several turns around the aluminum wire of the elephant.

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