Gillian Anderson once and for all said goodbye to the role of Agent Scully

Remember how Game of Thrones star Macy Williams complained about how tired she was in the series for seven years? “Finally, I will have time for my projects and complete freedom when the saga ends!” Macy was relieved to share in an interview, and many of her colleagues on the set probably could have said the same thing. But seven years seem not so long, if you remember about Gillian Anderson, whose life was entirely devoted to the role of special agent Dana Scully almost ... twenty-five years. The other day, Gillian announced that X-Day has come: she finally said goodbye to participation in the X-Files, which had been published since 1993, and then the producers resumed filming in 2016.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:40 / Views: 55132

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