Get the ice? Instantly?

Liquid - sodium acetate, sodium acetate, if simple. Get at home - just spit. Take baking soda and vinegar, and even better - vinegar essence - will have to evaporate less. Connect them gradually to about a neutral reaction, that is, until it hisses no longer. There is no need for special accuracy and purity. Boil, cool, get a monolithic piece. the solution may still remain on top, if it was not sufficiently evaporated, it should be drained off. What remains is sodium acetate, or rather, its crystalline hydrate. Further - it's easy. Put on the fire, your piece melts. Carefully pour the transparent melt into another dish to get rid of sediment and debris at the bottom. Pour a clean hot melt into a transparent glass, cover with a napkin from dust, so that it does not accidentally freeze ahead of time, and cool to room temperature. The liquid is liquid.But it is necessary to drop there a tiny grain of the same sodium acetate (can be obtained from what is left after the drain), as the liquid hardens before our eyes! The composition can be used repeatedly! Successes!

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