Garden furniture: unusual and simple projects

Garden furniture in our cottages is often made from scrap materials. We suggest you to get acquainted with the options how to make garden furniture yourself. Some of them are quite simple and will require a minimum of expenses and labor.

For example, this table needs a couple of bricks and a pair of boards. Perhaps this is not the most reliable and beautiful option, but we propose to get acquainted with projects of different levels of costs and skill.

Garden furniture do it yourself. Summer kitchen of pallets.

If you are planning a summer kitchen in the country, the garden furniture for it can be made of wooden pallets.

This kit includes a desktop, a shelf for storing utensils and a small work table that is conveniently placed near the barbecue grill.

Stages of the construction of the shelf of wooden pallets.

How to make a desktop of wooden pallets.

We make a small table. Depending on the height of the legs, it can also be used as a chair.

Garden bench transformer.

If you need a table in the garden only during the visit of guests, then you can make such a bench transformer, which, if necessary, turns into a table.

At first glance - this is the usual bench.

The bench consists of two halves - upper and lower, which are interconnected on hinges.

First we make the upper part of the bench. Her back will also be the legs of the table.

Then make the bottom part. We fasten them together.

How to make a wooden table.

For fans of more traditional options we offer a wooden table project.

Such a table will look good in the garden, or in a house or a gazebo.

First we assemble the two side supports of the table, as shown in the diagram.

Then from the boards we make the tabletop. To prevent the boards from eventually leading - the side edges of the table top are made perpendicular to the wooden slats. We make the bottom shelf and fasten the table top with side supports.

From wooden boards can be made For a summer residence a bar rack with chairs.

For structural rigidity, the frame is reinforced with metal pipes.

Garden furniture for the playground.

To make the summer more fun for kids, make a garden house for children.

This house can be put in the garden or even used as a bed for a baby.

If you plan to use the house under the bed, then its width should correspond to the width of the mattress.

Garden furniture from old furniture.

If you change the facades in the kitchen, then from the old doors from the cupboards can still serve you in the country. Such a table can be useful both in the summer kitchen, and in the barn or on the veranda. It can also be used to store vegetables.

Two doors will be the basis for the table curbstones, which can then be tied together with a table top in the form of a regular board.

The back walls of the cabinets are reinforced with cross-brackets made of boards.

Often, old furniture can retrain in the garden without special costs. For example, like this old closet.

You can quickly make a beautiful garden bench out of old chairs.

The frame of chairs is tied with wooden slats and the floor is covered. That's all.

Garden furniture original designs.

For those who have more scales, you can make such a covered bench near the brazier.

This is something between the gazebo and the bench.

If there is not enough space for a large company at the table - make an additional shelf in the end part of the table.

It is attached to the bench.

And it makes it possible to hang additional hooks on the hooks.

A party is planned and you urgently need a shed in the garden? Let's make it fast and easy.

We assemble a frame of PVC pipes as shown in the picture. Supports are concretered in buckets. We stretch an awning. And the canopy is ready.

Garden furniture from boxes.

Wooden boxes of any size and quality - a great material for creating garden furniture in the country.

The frame of the table is made of chipboard, and fruit boxes serve as a place to store fruits and vegetables.

Variant of such a table on a wooden frame.

Fruit boxes are quite thin, but if you have a strong wooden box, then you can make a table with a removable table top and storage space out of it.

For the table top we make a wooden frame of four boards, which should be included in our box.

Fasten the countertops on it.

To the tabletop was more convenient to shoot on it we attach metal handles. In this case, the table top can serve as a tray.

Beautiful and comfortable garden furniture suggests a slightly different approach than ordinary furniture in your apartment.

Those elements of the interior that are relevant in a city apartment may look like alien elements in the gazebo or on the veranda.And what is made of scrap materials will be organically and appropriately in the country.

Country life always implies a more creative approach than ordinary everyday life.

In the garden, in the greenhouse or shed your garden furniture will be your reliable assistant. A traditional approach to bring to the country everything that is not needed in a city apartment, will give you a rich source material for any original project.

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