From an old and unnecessary T-shirt in just 10 minutes you get a beautiful bolero

Bolero is a wonderful thing that will immediately dilute your wardrobe. It can be worn with shirts, blouses and dresses. In all cases, the bolero looks interesting and nontrivial! It perfectly complements the light summer clothes. To sew a bolero with your own hands, it is enough to take an unnecessary T-shirt from the wardrobe and slightly redo it.

All you need is threads, a sewing machine, scissors, a cord and the shirt itself. First you need to cut the T-shirt in the front in the middle, then cut the neck. Fold the edge on one side and the other, sew, leaving a void inside. Inside we insert a ribbon or cord, tighten and tie. You can do without gum, but the edges in any case will need to hem.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:39 / Views: 63244

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