Frame for photos of old buttons

All the houses probably have a lot of old buttons, and it is in this article we will tell why. For the manufacture of the frame itself, we need: • Cardboard or very thick paper; • Glue (preferably a moment); • • Pencil; • Ruler. To decorate you need: • Buttons (a lot and in different sizes); • Thermogun; • Paints. First you need to think of the shape of your frame. Then, having determined the shape and its dimensions, you need to draw it on thick paper. Cut it out and draw this same shape on two different cards. Cut them. However, you need to remember that if in the first cardboard you need to cut out a place for a photo, then in the second one you should not do it, because of this piece we will make the back wall of our frame, which should not have holes. We glue all the parts, while not forgetting to leave space, so that later you can insert a photo (or photos, depending on the shape of your frame) and we can assume that the main part of the preparation of the frame is finished.For greater convenience, you should first paint the entire frame, so if you at the end of smearing the white gaps (as was done in the photos), it may turn out not quite neat. Then proceed to gluing the buttons. The first layer is better to glue the big buttons, which will serve as the background of your frame. Then glue less. And at the end, you can add a lot of small ones as final touches to help make your frame more vivid and interesting. Of course, choose the color yourself. To make the frame look more interesting, you should choose different buttons, with a variety of decor. If you left painting the frame for later, then just after gluing on the buttons you can start this by painting all the gaps with the color you have chosen. The last step is to create the legs. However, if you want it not to stand, but hung on the wall, then you can just paste a few satin ribbons to it, giving them the appearance of a loop. The leg can be constructed as follows. Glue from cardboard (or from several layers of thick paper, as the weight of the frame will fall on the foot, and with this number of buttons it is not small), a rectangular triangle and the frame itself should be glued to the hypotenuse. Do not forget to paint it at the end.If the shape of the frame will be the same as in the photo, do not forget in the side that is the hypotenuse to cut holes, otherwise your leg will be visible from the front, thereby spoiling the appearance of the frame. And perhaps on this your frame can be considered made. In the same way you can design not only the frame, but also mirrors and other elements of your interior.
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Frame for photos

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