Former wife Stallone showed the body after the fifth birth

And she, for a moment, 54 years old!

The actress, familiar to many of the role of Red Sonya in "Konane the Barbarian", gave birth to a daughter a little over a month ago. This is her fifth child. Apparently, the previous experience taught the former model how to quickly get in shape after the baby was born. More recently, in her microblog, Brigitte proudly showed her pregnant belly, and now she is showing off her perfect figure.

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White breeches and the same color tight sports sweatshirt at the castle perfectly emphasize the harmony of the newly made mommy. And they say that the white color is full!

Subscribers showered Brigitte with compliments and began to ask about the secrets of such a beautiful form. The star chose to keep silent, but earlier she said that she almost completely eliminates sweet and flour from her diet.

Recall now Brigitte Nielsen is married to 39-year-old Mattia Dessi.He has nothing to do with the world of show business, but works as an ordinary bartender. For comparison: the first husband of Brigitte was the composer Casper Winding, with whom the actress lived only a year. In this marriage, her first son was born. The second husband was Stallone, the third - the footballer Mark Gastino. The marriage was not officially registered, but Gastino recognized the child. The third marriage Nielsen lasted again for two years - she married a photographer and director Sebastian Copeland. The fourth husband of the actress is Raul Meyer, the actor. They were married 12 years old, they have two sons. Mattia Dessi Brigitta started dating in 2004, and they got married two years later.

It seems that Mattia, despite the difference in age, is proud of the beauty of his wife. And also her sense of purpose. After all, many even much younger stars after childbirth and could not get in shape, and then completely gave up on themselves. collected such in one photo gallery.

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