Forecasting the future in 1900


Not so many years ago, ideas such as flying machines (airplanes), or moving images (television) seemed to be only somewhat strange and fantastic. .

People have always been fascinated by the future, so they all tried to present future inventions.Jules Vernewrote about space, air and underwater travel in the late 19th century before air travel and practical submarines was very far. Not to mentionLeonardo da Vinci, who invented the concept of a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar energy and a calculator in the middle of1500.

Each generation has its own image of thefuture world, and most of the ideas have come true. That's why we want to show you a collection of postcards for future forecasting, made in 1900 byHildebrands, the leading German chocolate producer. These beautiful drawings depicted how people would live in2000year.Let's see how accurate were in technology prediction.

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