Food wrap, ladies and gentlemen! 13 tricky ways to use the miracle material.

Food Film- One of my mandatory purchases in the economic department. Not only because it helps keep food in the fridge fresh! Plain film in a roll will help in various everyday situations: you will be surprised to learn that with its help you can even put patterns on the wall and drive fruit flies from the kitchen forever!

How to use food wrap

  1. The film will protect your hands when you need to work with a rake or shovel. Just wrap the pen with the film, and no calluses on the palms!
    food film photo
  2. Always wrap the remnants of ice cream in cling film before you send them to the freezer. Ice cream will be at its best, no crystallization!
    food film use
  3. Having wrapped the brush with the film, you will save the tool from drying out and you can continue working with the paint the next day. You can also cover with foil.paint can.
    how to use food wrap
  4. If you wrap a filmbanana stalk, fruits will stay fresh for a long time! Now I keep them the only way.
    use of food film photo
  5. To hermetically close the container, apply food wrap! I always do this with cosmetics before packing them in a suitcase. Nothing will be spilled!
    food film application
  6. Keep a roll of film near the front door: if you urgently need to enter the house in shoes, just wrap dirty shoes with a film!
    food film photo
  7. There will be no more drafts: with a film you can easilyclose slots in windows.
    how to apply food wrap
  8. Trap for the midgeswho settled in the kitchen! Cut the fruit, cover the cup with the appetizing pieces with a film and make a small cut in it. Drosophila very soon gather in a cup, do not hesitate, and you can put the whole company at the door!
    film for foodstuffs
  9. An original way to create a pattern on the walls when painting! Apply paint, then cover the wall with a layer of film and remember it. This trick will create a unique design and decorate the wall with original stains!
    unusual use of cling film
  10. Always I covered the shelves of the refrigerator with cling film! Perfect cleanliness: even if jam drips on the shelf or kefir is spilled, it is easier to change the film than to wash the entire refrigerator.
    food film application
  11. Slimming filmirreplaceable! It is very useful to make body wraps for women who want to get rid of cellulite: in problem areas blood circulation increases and natural weight loss occurs. You can also enhance the effect of any face mask, both nourishing and cleansing, using just a regular film! The thermal effect that the film creates will ensure effective penetration into the skin of the substances contained in the mask.
    how to apply food wrap
  12. Having covered any glass with a liquid with a film and having pierced it with a straw, you will make a reliable non-spillout!
    food film use
  13. To make a bouquet without water look fresh longer, use this trick. Wrap the ends of the stems with a wet cloth, then wrap tightly with a wrap.

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