Flower topiary

Materials Required: 1. Plastic hemispheres. 2. Coffee beans. 3. Satin ribbons of pink, crimson and green colors. 4. Gold acrylic paint - spray. 5. Pink tulle. 6. Flower pot. 7. Steel wire. 8. Decorative items. 9. Sisal rope. 10. The glue gun. 11. Scissors. 12. Cardboard. 13. Polyfoam. 14. Alabaster.
Flower topiary
Stage # 1.Coated with gold paint hemispheres are pasted with coffee beans. The size of the pasted hemispheres of the cut base of cardboard.
 are pasted over with coffee beans
 the bases are cut
Stage No. 2.Satin ribbons are cut into equal lengths. At first the first row of crimson tapes is glued. The next row of petals is made with pink ribbons. With the glue gun glued coffee hemisphere. The third and fourth rows of tapes are glued to the back of the cardboard base.this way the flower is more voluminous, and also the edges of the cardboard are hidden.
 paste the first row
the flower is obtained
 gluing the coffee hemisphere
wdtn jr
 tape rows are pasted on the back side
 the flower turns out more volume
 three flowers are ready
Stage No. 3.With the glue gun, a sisal rope is fixed on a wire. The wire is wrapped in a chaotic order until the bald patches disappear completely.
 make the stem
 is wrapped in a chaotic order
Stage # 4.Finished twigs of topiary are fixed in the foam. Twigs are set in a flower pot.The space in the pot is filled with small pieces of foam and filled with alabaster solution. Such manipulations will help reduce the weight of topiary and securely fix it.
are stringing polyfoam
 fix our plant
Stage No. 5.After drying alabaster, the design is covered with gold acrylic paint. The flower pot is wrapped in pink tulle and fixed with ribbons. Places of satin ribbons are decorated with fabric flowers and butterflies.
 fill alabaster
 cover with gold paint
 decorated with fabric flowers and butterflies
Stage number 6.With the glue gun that we fix flowers and leaves on the tips of topiary.  fix flowers and leaflets
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