Iris flower from threads

Spring is coming, and many of our readers have a spring mood. I want something light and beautiful. Hence the question for our dear needlewomen, and not whether we make a flower with our own hands? Let this flower be a wonderful iris. So, for work you need to prepare: white, yellow and green threads for knitting, you can acrylic or half-woolen; glue, wire and hook, beads for stamens. The time to create work is about two hours. As a result, we should have such a flower here.
 iris flower from threads
Consider our work in stages. Stage one. We make the base of the flower. We take the thread of yellow color, knit two loops together and start to knit in a circle with the addition of loops (we knit with usual columns without single crochet). When a circle with a diameter of 2.5 cm is obtained, we stop adding loops, and continue knitting. We knit another 4 cm, and then begin abruptly add loops to make the following:
 iris flower fromthreadtitle= flower of iris from threads
And this is the green base of the flower that needs to be glued to the wire.
 flower of iris from threads
As a result of all these simple manipulations, our flower is perfect ready!
Iris flower from threads

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