Flowerbed for decoration or Steam locomotive in kindergarten!

I want to tell you about how I was making a hand-made flower bed for decorating a playground in a kindergarten. Educators asked, decided not to refuse. Thank God and parents for my straight arms and the presence of fantasy)))

I decided to make a locomotive. Started from the cab. Based on the timber 50 * 50

He rounded the corners, made grooves. In the grooves put the boards 18 * 90. The front part was made from the back of the old bed (from the same garden), because lacked a bit of board

Next tank. From the same back made two circles

They nailed rail 10 * 30

There will be a star on the front! As it should be!

Ready tank screwed to the cockpit with screws

Frame. Made of 20 * 100 boards fastened perpendicularly

On the frame

Roof cab made of door trim

Pipe made of plywood circles and slats 10 * 30

Wheels sawed from the walls of the old cabinet. Additionally, they made indentations for greater beauty!

Screw the wheels to the frame with self-tapping screws and pre-drill holes in it

Has lowered on water

With drives and railings

Front broomstick

Here is such a locomotive! Dimensions 100cm * 80cm * 38cm

Disassembled all for painting

Now the cars. The principle is the same. Bar 50 * 50, rounding corners, grooves

Walls - a board 25 * 100. The bottom of the plywood, upholstered with foil and drilled holes for gathering excess water.

Everything was painted in several layers! ALL PLACES OF CUTS DSP AFTER PAINTING ARE IMPLEMENTED WITH TRANSPARENT SILICON SEALER! The rainy summer of this year, the engine stands with a bang! Nothing swelled anywhere.

Well, the finished version is in the right place. Flowers planted, children like.

Date: 08.10.2018, 22:48 / Views: 62542

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