Flat Lay: how to make a fashionable photo work using the phone

Everyone has already seen photos Flat Lay - “top view” on a pure white background, and they are often found on backgrounds made of wood and marble. For some works, this type of shooting is not suitable, but from this it does not become less fashionable and attractive, so to whom it suits - read on.

I used to take photos only with the help of the phone, now I take pictures on an inexpensive Nikon, and I still process them on the phone. There is a Wi-Fi distribution in the camera, and pictures can be easily transferred to the phone. Again, only the phone itselfquiteenough for a start.

Shooting should be done in the morning, closer to the window and on the floor.

We move the curtains, put the background on the floor (it could be a wooden shield, marble, a sheet of white paper, sheets, etc.), I had a piece of white leather, and it fit perfectly.


Then we put the work on the background, get on top of it and try to take it off at a right angle, although a not very right angle can also be rolled.

I will shoot a notebook from the skin of Crazy horse in color truffle (it's chocolate, mocha, brown).

As you can see, no matter how good the notebook itself is, it is very lonely in the photo.

So I advise you to stock up with all sorts of different decor, dry flowers, berries, pepper, cereals, poppies and any kind of props in those tones in which your work and colors are suitable for work (nuance, contrast).

Very fashionable glossy magazines will help you - on their spreads you can find support for the product in any color, and sometimes you can catch photos of people who very much like your creation.

We spread around the work props, suitable for color, and it's all 100 (!) Times shift, until we like the frame.

In the composition I am not strong and I am sure that many of you will cope with this stage better than me and my wife, but we try.

So twist-twist. If a job is for a man, find men's shoes, a scarf, a watch. For women's things fit any cosmetics, brushes, jewelry.

Read something on the subject of “composition in photography”.




Now it's time to clean up the background and twist the light a little so that the notebook looks exactly like we see it in life.

Attention - as in reality!

There is no need to twist the colors beyond recognition, they need to be rotated exactly as long as it is necessary for the thing to become alive and real. Buyers will not thank you for twisted, oversaturated and reprocessed photos.

To process photos we will need to download the program to your phone -Snapseed.

Load the photo into the program and select the “Selective Correction” tool.

There we put dots on the white field, by expanding two fingers on the screen, select the zone of the point (preferably several small zones than two large ones) and then move the finger across the screen from left to right. Thus we unscrew the brightness of white color and get a clean background, we clean up the shadows.

This work will take a maximum of three minutes, sometimes 20 seconds.

Then you can tweak the color balance and brightness as needed, since it is not summer and the light is often not enough for the pictures to be clear and bright at once.

Maybe it's just not enough for me to experience photography, but that's another story 🙂

Important! Do not get carried away with twisting, everything in moderation, the result is needed alive, real, as close as possible to the original.

The program is free and very easy, like all Google products.

Do not build your own barriers, you can easily and easily learn it.

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