Ceiling decoration with liquid wallpaper

The emergence of such a finishing material as liquid wallpaper has made it possible for everyone to create their own interior masterpieces. After all, work on the application of liquid wallpaper does not require professional skills painter or plasterer and is available to all. The principle of applying liquid wallpaper on the ceiling is the same as on the walls. But nevertheless, special attention should be paid to the basic rules for working with this material.

Preparing the ceiling surface

To give the surface strength to the ceiling, it is necessary to prime with high-quality, colorless or white soil of deep penetration, to start with and start again. the same ground. This is necessary to create a moisture-proof and perfectly white surface.
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
It is important to remember that if the ceiling was previously covered with trim (wallpaper, whitewash, etc.), it is necessary to get rid of it.The old coating will eventually peel off, and with it liquid wallpaper. Also worth paying particular attention to a perfectly flat surface of the ceiling. This is due to the fact that the light from the lighting devices is directed to the surface almost as a side, as a result of which all defects in the gap, hollows, and hillocks will be visible on the ceiling.

Applying liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper it is better to apply with a plastic float, smoothing back and forth motions on the surface with a layer up to 2 mm. To apply wallpaper to the ceiling is necessary from corner to corner and do not stop at the part made. You can smooth the wallpaper in any convenient direction, but you should avoid circular movements. For a uniform pattern of color and texture, the ceiling must be covered with material from one batch to the entire surface to be coated. Work on the application of wallpaper should end when the entire ceiling is covered.
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper
It's important to remember that liquid wallpaper must be applied,when all design elements are installed, including the ceiling plinth. The room should be well ventilated during and after work. Thanks to active airing, moisture evaporates faster and, as a result, wallpapers dry out faster.

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