Feminine kanzashi jewelery from Japanese master Sakae


Looking at the work of Sakae (Sakae) we can say that she is a very romantic and sensual girl. Why do we judge by work? Because of the very Sakae (Sakae) little information. She does not like to talk about herself.

The work of Sakae (Sakae) is truly expensive. Sakae sells his works only in Japan and only at auctions. At least this information is only known.

Sakae does not send their jewelry to other countries because it is afraid for their safety. They are fragile.

A single product can cost $ 1,000. And either the initial price is not known or not. Yet the jewelry is sold at auction.

In the range of Sakae (Sakae) mainly hairpins and other decorations.

How does she do it?

The process of creating one piece of jewelry consists in the fact that at first Sakae (Sakae) bends the desired contour from a wire (flower, leaf, etc.), then pours a thin layer of resin on it.

When the resin is not frozen, it can be given the desired shape, it bends. Then the rest of the decoration (petals) are assembled and the decoration is done!

Sakae (Sakae) does not reveal all the secrets, but the principle of operation is approximately as follows.

Such decorations may be appropriate at any celebration and in everyday life!

If you liked the decorations, you will most likely have to go to Japan for them.

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