Female Accessory Container

Looking great every day is a serious job for girls. In order to always be beautiful you need to report a lot of effort. First of all, of course, you need to monitor your health, your body. Hair, like the face, should be neat and well-groomed. And for this, a lot of effort and, of course, cosmetics. So that your cosmetics does not roll around all the corners of the apartment, you can make a small but comfortable enough container for your accessories, for example, for combs or pencils for eyes. We suggest you to make such an original and convenient container with your own hands, using a little efforts and materials such as: a box with a perfume or other cosmetic bag bottles, fabric 30x30 (more or less depends on your box), thread with a needle, scissors, glue, sequins (you can use several colors).  a little effort and materials
Crop up the boxes, or rather close the box.And we measure the whole box with matter so that it completely covers the surface of the box and there are no gaps.
 Crop Up Boxes
We fold the fabric over the top of the box and sew it regular stitches along the entire length.
 sews with regular stitches
We glue the remaining ears until the fabric is normally not glued, because after a while your container can crumble and all the work down the drain. You can, of course, also flash it for complete confidence, it's just that these ears are at the bottom, and they won't be stitched as comfortably as at the top of the container.
we glue the ears

And now we begin to glue with sequins our seams at the top of the container. To make it easier to glue the sequins - take them with tweezers.
 paste over our seams with paillettes
The ears that we taped at the bottom of the container are also optional close the flaws using the same sequins.You can continue the diagonal and make a kind of hourglass, only in this case, time will go away in the form of sequins, and not sand.
 original hourglass
To our watches were completed, then we need to add a different color of the sequins and with the help of glue to depict the pouring sand-time on the container.
 add another color of sequins
On the one hand, you can depict a clock that is almost full, and on the other hand, it is just starting to count the time. ; "> start the countdown Now your container is ready to use and is waiting for you to put your cosmetic accessories or other women's things into it.
container is ready for use
You can be sure that such a container will be exclusive and will only add flavor to your style and interior. You can change the pattern, but most importantly - your little things will no longer be so scattered.
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