Felt scarf case

We sew the Felt case for scissors, which every needlewoman should have. The cover is not only very cute, but it is sewn individually for each scissors.

Materials and tools:

  1. multicolored felt;
  2. paper and pencil;
  3. scissors;
  4. needle and thread in felt color;
  5. 2 buttons.

Step 1

We proceed to the manufacture of the template, for this we take the scissors and put them on a sheet of paper, draw around the contour. Then we draw another contour, departing 1-2 cm, also draw the ears and eyes. An example of the resulting pattern and the number of necessary details are shown in the figures.

Next, we transfer the pattern to the felt and cut out the details.

Step 2

We take 2 main parts and sew them with an overlay stitch. Then we sew the legs, white part and buttons (eyes) to the resulting part.

We also sew the details of the front part with an overlay stitch and sew ornaments on it.

At the end, we sew over the two parts that have been wrapped.Everythingcase for felt scissorsis ready.

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