Fathers who forbade bringing into the house "this damn dog"

Sometimes someone in the family very much wants to start a four-legged friend - most often it's, of course, children - and someone is against it. For example, the father of the family.

"Immediately after dad said that the dog on the sofa can not be"

“My father constantly insisted that the dog in the house was evil. Now they sleep like this "

“My dad really didn’t want to start a dog, but now I sometimes find them like this.”

“My father will never admit how much he loves our old dog. But I found this picture in his phone and now he is no longer screwed. ”

"My dad was at first very much against the dog ... I think I’ve already changed my mind"

"And this is my father, who" does not want to have anything to do with this dog "

"He said:" I do not want a dog. " Then he said: "I do not want a second dog." Good, good, dad. ”

"And he said that a dog in the house will appear only through his dead body"

“My dad constantly tells me that he can't stand dogs”

“The father was always sharply opposed to the dog in the house. I bought a puppy at my own risk and was expecting a tub of slops ... "

"Dad did not want to start a dog, and now they are best friends"

"I'm not a dog lover"

“My father was not happy with the idea of ​​having a dog.

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