Fashion mistakes that almost all girls commit

All these rules and unbreakable covenants in fashion have long acquired some kind of archaic tinge, and in breaking them many of us discovered even more harmonious relationships with our own wardrobe and, for example, stopped torturing ourselves with heels, wearing styles of dresses in which it was uncomfortable , and overly bother with what is better - mini, midi or maxi. In the end, it turned out that happy relationships with fashion lie on the same plane as your self-confidence, and the only mistakes that can be made in this field relate to those cases when we for some reason rely on someone's opinion instead of listening to yourself and just agreeing on everything with your reflection in the fitting room. Here are eight fashionable mistakes that any of us have ever made.

Mistake number 1. Confused oversize with baggy clothes.

The principal difference is in scale: things oversize sit freely and comfortably,adding a small amount to your figure, and baggy, dimensionless things “swallow” the silhouette completely, as if they were wearing a giant case.

Mistake number 2. Buying basic clothes for a lot of money.

I wonder how many Burberry trench coats were sold under magazine slogans in the spirit of “A classic sand trench must be expensive”? And with them also designer shoes, shoes, which supposedly will last a lifetime (hmm, now cars do not serve for so long ...), and office pants, and white shirts, and bags for every day. Nowadays, the mass market copes with the task of giving a high-quality basic wardrobe for an adequate price, so putting aside a whole salary on a jacket is at least strange.

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