Fashion flats: shoes that every girl should have (13 photos)

Everyone knows that a high and graceful heel is the first thing a real woman associates with, it is believed that such shoes attract the male half more, and also make a woman look profitable and feminine.

Bright shoes

However, behind all these loud words, there are sore legs, tired fingers and the inability to move quickly, because walking on heels is a whole art that cannot do without victims.

But resourceful fashion designers have found a solution to this problem - comfortable and incredibly sophisticated ballet flats have become an ideal invention, because today they occupy top positions in the ranking of the most beloved women's shoes.

Interesting model ballet shoes

Yes, yes, you heard right, even the irreplaceable heels had to step aside, ballet flats now rightly basking in the attention and love of the female half of society.

There is nothing surprising here, because they really have their own special charm,possess the same grace and sophistication as ordinary high heel shoes, only with all this, they are also very comfortable and comfortable.

In addition, they are easily combined with almost any clothing, fit perfectly, both in everyday and in a festive image. Judging from the name, it can be understood that ballet flats evolved from those graceful slippers in which dancers dance, only they were slightly modernized and improved for everyday wear.

Now the variety of variations, styles and models of these amazing shoes is stunning, they can be completely different colors, decorated with a wide variety of decor.

The decor on the shoe may be different

For the production of one pair of ballet shoes, a lot of solid fabric is used, which can have different quality and direction: genuine leather or suede, their artificial substitutes, pressed or metallized leather, satin, velvet, lacquer materials, the most different textiles and, of course, lace, where without them.

In order for you not to get lost in such a variety of models and textures, we have compiled for you an overview of the most fashionable and comfortable ballet flats in the 2013-2014 season.

It should be remembered that in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman of fashion there should be several, or even 3-4 pairs of different ballet flats, since not any style can fit any image.

For example, for everyday wear, girls most often choose leather models of soothing shades, thanks to this material, the legs always breathe, and pastel or classic shades are combined with any jeans or shorts. But for an evening out, it is better to purchase satin or lacquered ballet flats, with the brightest and most unusual colors.

This is comfortable and beautiful.

Fashion positions for 2013-2014

Ballet flats are very versatile shoes, which is probably why fashion designers try to diversify their appearance so much.

This is a very popular shoe.

This season, as in the previous one, classical models of ballet toes with a rounded toe remain popular, they visually reduce the leg, and also give it a feeling of a certain lightness and flight.

Such shoes can be completely deprived of a heel, remaining on a flat course, or they can be equipped with a small stacked heel, the height of which should not exceed 2 centimeters. By the way, the latter option is more useful for the health of your feet, but at the same time remains as comfortable and comfortable as in the case of a completely flat sole.

Stylish combination

These ballet flats, probably more than others, can boast of their diversity, because they can be presented in leather or rubber, models from any textile materials are also possible, they can be white, black, beige, in fact, any colors of the rainbow, decorated with spikes or paillettes, bows or flowers.

In total and you will not list, the imagination of their producers is great, and girls need only to choose those models which as much as possible approach under their own style, or a concrete image.

Metallic color is relevant

Classic is always popular, but women of fashion should also be drawn to the new trends of this season - ballet flats with narrowed toes.

Socks can be deliberately highlighted with the help of metal inserts or textured leather, which will be different in color. As for the decor, most often these ballet flats are decorated with small or medium bows, flower arrangements or spikes, which, by the way, are very popular this season and can cover completely the entire shoe.

Classic model

Also the trend of this season are ballet flats with an open sock, the cutout of which can be figured and very unusual.Also, the so-called sleepers began to gain considerable popularity, which differ from ballet flats only in the presence of a “tongue” at the site of foot elevation.

Sport style

They are made of leather and various fabrics, as well as ballet shoes, decorated with a wide variety of accessories, but their main distinctive feature must remain in place. Before the charm of these shoes could not resist even the most zealous opponents of shoes on a flat sole, because they are so nicely combined with almost any clothing.

Bright color is welcome

Another fashionable style of women's ballets this season are - Oxford ballet shoes, in outlines that you can see all the famous classic laces, perforations and recognizable embossing of the skin.

As for color and decor, everyday models of black, white, brown and beige colors remain popular this season. Lovers of bright and rich, especially this is relevant in the summer and spring, suitable sparkling yellow, red, cherry, shades of blue and green.

Delicate colors

Especially popular in this season are ballet shoes of rich emerald color, as well as its close counterparts - indigo, turquoise, ultramarine and so on.However, do not confuse all these bright colors with neon colors, the latter this season not in trend. As for the accessories, both classic smooth monochrome models and various bows, flowers, beads, rivets and beads are popular, as long as they suit your style.

What to wear ballet flats?

The main rule that is observed when wearing such shoes: ballet flats, sleepers or oxford ballet flats are not combined with socks, they must be worn on their bare feet.

Open toe

And otherwise, it’s rather easier to write about what ballet flats should not be worn, because they are so versatile that they are suitable for almost any image: they are perfectly combined with narrow and straight jeans, look great with shorts and skirts above the knees, as well as dresses like "bell", "tulip", "with the smell."

Knitted model

The only thing, ballet flats are not combined with long evening dresses, as well as with long skirts, in them you risk having a monastic look. If ballet flats are close to sleepers, then they cannot be combined with a flare from the hip, as well as with straight wide pants, as it can turn out to be too homely, even pajama, image. Also ballet flats are not compatible with the classic skirt with a high waist, and also banana jeans.

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