Experience felting carpet: an incredibly beautiful and cozy carpet-mandala in eco-style


Today I want to share with you a story about how I created my โ€œSea withinโ€ carpet mandala. At 100% this can not be called a master class, but I tried to capture the process in as much detail as possible. Perhaps this will also inspire you to create such an accessory for your home! I love to work with unpainted wool. And this thing, from the creation of which I received an incredible pleasure! I have already once told about my experience of felting carpet, but with a different decor.

So, I took 3 types of coarse unpainted wool in a rowed ribbon and several types of roving.

As well as several shades of cardoches.

From the materials I still used viscose, wool nepsa and banana threads. This is discussed in more detail below.
From the tools and devices for felting you will need: a mosquito net, a vibration grinder, a spade handle, massagers or rolling out, a table laid with Ikeevโ€™s rug.

Unfortunately, in layers I did not take a picture of the process of laying out the basis of the carpet.But nothing complicated about it.
There are 5 fairly dense layers of wool. Layers alternate in direction. The first layer was like the top one in the photo below (when the wool strands diverge from the center).
Then I put the layer around the circumference (with the edge you can see the direction of the wool, at that time I did not have time to lay it). And so alternated all the layers.
In the upper layer I wanted to make a small color transition.

So, spreading all the layers, we moisten the wool with soapy water. To do this, I use a mosquito net (cover it with a net, spray it with soapy water, lightly wash my hands and start rubbing it over the net without effort).


I start work on the picture. I have an intuitive process. The pattern is born in the course of work.
I put the first thread roving.

On the edge - another. With a purple roving, I begin to lay out a loop pattern inside a large circle.

This is what the base looks like from which I will build on.

I lay out the contour of the circle in the center of the carpet with a turquoise-colored card.

Fill it up.

Smoothed through the mesh.

I wanted to add more dense bundles, piled out of wool (I continue to lay out patterns along the perimeter of the carpet from the roving).

I show how I make flagella out of the cardiac. I pinch off small strands and lay them in line.

Squirting soapy water and helping with my fingers, making one such sausage.

Then I begin to roll lightly without pressure on the ribbed surface of the mat.

A little later, the pressure can be increased, but it is not necessary to make the flagellum too dense - otherwise it is not sealed.

Around the central element I also make a tourniquet. And I stack nepsa. I love nepsa very much ๐Ÿ™‚

I add them to the "loops". The pattern gradually begins to emerge.

I cover the central part with viscose clouds in color.

To Neps well sealed, they must necessarily cover with a thin layer of wool or viscose. What I am doing.

I spray everything with soapy water.

I want some kind of contrast. I start a wavy line of white viscose parallel to the same line of purple roving.

New blue flagella spread new items. The carpet is increasingly starting to resemble a mandala.

And two circles from the roving inside the central element.

Adding white and blue harness. I also fill in triangles with purple cardoshes. Now all the elements of the picture are in common with each other.

This I continue to invent drawing ๐Ÿ™‚

To make the pattern look more complete, I add accents in the form of dots (from neps).

Something like this now looks like a future rug ๐Ÿ™‚

To top it off, I sprinkle the entire pattern with white banana threads. They will give a slight shine, as well as help grab abundant decor.
I did not fix this moment - but I also covered the wool harnesses and roving in different places (especially in places of thread cuts) with light wool strands.

After the drawing is finished - again I cover everything with a grid and gently rub it in with my hands.

After I rubbed the picture through the mesh, I cover the rug with a pimply film and fix the dรฉcor with a vibro-grinding machine. Then again I rub over the net with my hands. And so - until everything grasps. After all the elements of the pattern are fixed, I take the handle from the shovel and carefully wrap the carpet on it.

And flip it down.

Now we bend the edges so that the mat is smooth and neat.

And already from the inside, I again pass the VSM. After that, I start to grind my hands. So the layers are even better captured. And the picture is better meshed with the base.

When it is felt that the surface is already uniform,you can switch to more aggressive ways. ๐Ÿ™‚ I use massagers and rollers.

After these procedures, I start skating in a roll. Again, I take the stalk from the shovel and wind the carpet on it. I ride 15-20 times in all directions.
In detail, I did not shoot it. I think that this part of the work is understandable. The task is to compact and roll the felt.

I turn the carpet to the other side. Again I roll in a roll in all directions. Now I increase the number of skating to 25-30. Every time after I unfolded the carpet - I rub my hands and go through the massagers.

When it is felt that the whole decor is well attached to the main canvas - you can slightly rumple the carpet with your hands.

Periodically wash off the soap and wring out the carpet. And I continue to go away in the ways listed above - skating in a roll, rubbing my hands, massagers and rolling. So, until the carpet gets the desired density and does not settle on the desired ratio. That's what happened in the end:

After I had dried and smoothed the carpet, I decided to add a little stitches with woolen threads. It seems to me that it came in just right.

The carpet turned out to be incredibly cozy and pleasant for the feet ๐Ÿ™‚ If you decide to make such a thing for your house - you will not regret it exactly ๐Ÿ™‚

Vasya will not let me lie ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for attention! I hope my story turned out to be interesting and useful for you.

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