Embroidered picture "Butterfly"

The embroidered picture "Butterfly"- this cute panel on the wall will surely attract attention, surrounded by embroidery imitating old lace, this blue-winged beauty will look great on a wall or pillow.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. Yellowish gray fabric 57x65cm;
  3. cream fabric for the back of 45x53cm;
  4. metal chain 1m;
  5. white paint;
  6. 2 wooden pins 50cm long.


Step 1

Dissolve a few drops of white paint in a few teaspoons of water. Paint the pins with this mixture to create a long-lasting effect. Paint the metal chain with undiluted white paint. You may have to apply a couple of layers. Do not worry, if the paint in some places peels off, it will only add charm and old-fashioned charm to your panel.

Cut the embroidery and flap of cream fabric up to 45 cm wide and up to 53 cm high.Putting them face to face, on the machine, stitch along the perimeter, leaving a hole for turning in at the top or bottom. Turn on the face, sew a hole with a secret seam.

Fold the top edge of the embroidery on the wrong side so that a channel is formed into which the pin will pass. Secure with a basting stitch. Do the same on the bottom edge. Insert the pins into the channels.

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