Elegant and glamorous interior item

An ottoman is an elegant and glamorous piece of furniture with a soft name. This type of furniture appeared in the 17th century, its second name is the stool. Originally puffins called densely stuffed with wool or horse hair large pillows. The filling, the look and the quality of the stools were constantly improved. Over time, they began to fill them with rubber, then with padding polyester and foam rubber. What a furniture ottoman looks like, you probably know, it is, quite simply, a soft stool - poufs are distinguished by a large number of varieties, they are used:

  • in the bathroom;
  • in the bedroom;
  • in the kitchen.

Yes, however, anywhere.

Basic Selection Criteria

The main rule when choosing a stool is convenience and combination with the general background of the interior. If you choose it for the living room, then the height should be the same as the main sofa, because in this case it is often used as a footrest.The choice of the ottoman in the kitchen is mainly due to its upholstery, it should be non-marking colors or easy to wash - this will make it easier for you to keep the kitchen clean. For a bedroom, as a rule, they choose velvet or plush ottomans, this fabric creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Leather poufs can be used in your home office or office.

Types of classic puffs

In addition to the upholstery, the padded stools are also divided according to the rigidity of the seat. The most comfortable are the padded stools with springs, they are used in the bedroom. They are very soft, but, in spite of this, they retain their excellent shape for a long time. The most traditional are the stools round, square or rectangular shape. But lately a trendy trend has been designer furniture with non-standard solutions, so the banquettes have changed, now they can be found in the form of a cube, a ball, egg-shaped and other indefinite forms.

Modern pouffe models

Relatively recently, poufs have acquired another very useful function; now they combine a comfortable stool and a small convenient storage for small items that will always be at hand. And the most modern ottomans transformers can turn into a folding bed.One of the most popular among consumers of puffs has become a frameless and shapeless bag with a filler that smoothly takes the shape of the human body. Of course, he became famous primarily because of his comfort, but the main disadvantage of this pouf is its fragility. That is why, together with such poufs, a spare filler is sold.

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