Electric kettle repair with own hands

Check for a break.

To do this, connect the dial to the terminals of the heater. For more accurate measurements, it is recommended to temporarily remove the connector with the wire from one end of the heater.
 Repairing an electric kettle with your own hands
Nichrome, inside the heating element is not.

Resistance to the body.

This indicator is necessary in order to know whether there is an electrical connection between the Nichrome TENG and its body. If it is, then use such a kettle, although it is possible, but extremely dangerous. This is especially true of its use in private homes and in the country, where it is very close to the ground. The teapot body is under the “phase” and with poor insulation from the ground, you can get a strong, even fatal electric shock. Of course, this does not stop some; the kettle warms well, but the consequences can be dire. In such cases, or change the heater, or throw the kettle in the trash.At least those who take care of their family and neighbors do this. So, we are measuring resistance. To do this, we connect one end of the dial tone to any output of the heating element, and the second with a metal "sole" or the body of the kettle. If there is no circuit, then everything is in order. This device will show more accurate readings, so to speak - under operating voltage, but if it is not available, it will be enough to make continuations. As can be seen in the photo, in the case of this kettle the heating element is not damaged. overheating protection This protection should turn off the kettle when there is no water in it, or it has boiled away. The principle of this device is quite simple. When overheating, bimetallic plates on the "bottom" of the kettle bend and press down on the ceramic rods. They, in turn, put pressure on the electric moving contacts, which, when pressed, open. After the bimetal cools and returns to its original state, it also occurs with electrical contacts. They close again and pass current to the heater. And this can continue until someone disconnects the device from the network. Of course, this protection is not designed for multiple disconnections.Most likely, after a couple of dozens of such overheating cycles, the heating element itself will burn, but thanks to it, it may not get to the fire.

We proceed to disassemble this module.

 Repairing an electric kettle with your own hands
Turn off the screws securing the protection block against the" sole "of the kettle. Here, not self-tapping screws are already used, but 4 mm screws.  Repairing an electric kettle by yourself
Repairing an electric kettle with your own hands
Unscrewing them, you can see two round bimetallic elements that, for better heat transfer, are connected to the body through thermal paste.
 Repairing an electric kettle by yourself
Next, to get to the plates with the contacts, you need to unscrew two more screws. They connect the power connector of the kettle to the overheating protection unit.  Repairing an electric kettle with your own hands In the photo, you can clearly see ceramic rods and current-carrying contacts,discussed above.
 Do it yourself repair of the electric kettle
You need to be very careful not to lose these ceramic rods, as they easily fall out of their seats.
It is better to remove them immediately, and put them in a box, while this unit is being repaired. Now, we check whether there is a circuit through the contacts. In this particular case, there was no chain. It appeared only when you pressed the plate with the contact. Also in appearance it is clear that the contact and the plate overheated and lost their properties.
 Repair your own electric kettle
But this problem can be solved by bending the contact all the way.
Repair of the electric kettle do it yourself
Before they need to be cleaned up well of soot. It is also possible to clean up the second group of contacts,as well as connectors.
 Do it yourself repair of an electric kettle
This will extend the service life of the device, especially since you have already disassembled it anyway. Checking the circuit again , and collect everything in reverse order.
 Repairing an electric kettle with your own hands
Ceramic rod on a curved contact can not be made Avit. The main thing is not to forget to insert it into the working group of contacts. This will be enough to protect the kettle, if that. This repair does not take much time, will give you confidence in your strength, and most importantly, save you from unnecessary expenses on a new kettle.
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