Easy trick to find a place for covers of dishes

An easy trick to find a place for the covers of dishes
This is the fastest and easiest way to organize the order in your closet where pots and pans are stored. Usually most housewives have a set of three pots. If they are stored alone, then it takes an incredibly large amount of space, and if they are assembled as a matryoshka one in a friend, then the space immediately becomes enough. But here there is another problem - where to put the covers from them. I suggest fixing the covers on the locker door. This is a super easy way. You will not need to drill or screw anything. Everything is done in five minutes thanks to such mounts, which can be bought at a hardware store.
Easy trick to find a place for dishes' covers
These fasteners are designed for hanging towels, but they will also hold the covers perfectly.
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We estimate how many lids you can fit on the door.Consider the indents from the edges and the shelf into which the lid may bump when closing the cabinet. Then mark with a simple pencil the diameter of the lid and glue the fasteners, two pieces for one.
Easy trick to find a place for dishes' covers
I had three covers on the door.
Easy trick to find a place for covers of dishes
These hooks are already sold with an adhesive layer, just take off the protective layer and stick the hook anywhere. These tricks make our lives easier and more convenient.

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