Easter Panel

In the great and bright holiday of Easter, you want to give not only a cake and a painted egg, but also something more durable that will remind you of this holiday. Let's try to make a beautiful and bright panel in the relevant subject. For this we need: - wooden or plastic blank (this MK uses plywood); - universal acrylic soil, any company; - artistic and working brushes of different types; - acrylic paints; - printing a picture on photo paper using an inkjet or laser printer; - PVA glue; - stationery tape; - stationery file;
- acrylic water-dispersion lacquer; - stain; - choice of decorative elements; - fine-grained emery paper. In order to start working with the blank, it is necessary about freeing the workspace of everything that is superfluous. Then you need to handle the workpiece - he will soskur all burrs and irregularities. Ideally, they may be quite a bit. Next, on the panel, stitched from both sides, it is necessary to alternately apply the ground. put the ground
The layer of soil should completely cover the workpiece without lumens, otherwise, through the printout, the areas of the bare tree will shine through. Now you can leave it to dry and, if desired, speed up this process using a hair dryer.
 Layer of the soil
In order not to lose time while the soil dries, you should print. It must be carefully attached to the workpiece in order to determine its correct location.
 attach to the blank
smeared with glue
After that you need thin out the printout in any convenient way. The easiest of them - using scotch. They stick it on the clean side of the sheet and carefully remove the extra layers, making the printout as thin as possible. The next step is to prepare the prepared image with the face on the stationery file and carefully coat it with white glue. Also it must be applied to the selected side of the workpiece. Now you need to connect taped areas on the printout and on plywood,without removing the stationery file.
 connect glued sections
After a successful docking, you need to expel all air bubbles. Therefore, at first, the printout is smoothed through the file, and then a rubber roller or ruler is used for this purpose. Only after this, you can remove the file, holding the picture, so as not to displace it. The edges of the workpiece should be processed from excess paper, walking on them with sandpaper.
 process from excess paper
Then leave the future panel alone, until the glue hardens . Next, the most subtle and creative stage of the whole MK is to draw a printout. Brushes, paints and fantasy come in handy here.
 print painting
Always start from the bottom. At first, this part of the panel is painted with the natural color of the umber.
 is painted with a natural color
Then you need to choose paints as close as possible to the original and apply small waves in a chaotic order.You can also go to the printout, which reduces the differences in the finish.
 go to the printout
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/7/450-zahodit-i-na-raspechatku.jpg" alt="go to the printout" title="go to the printout">
Free space on the left is to paint in green and try to simulate the trees.
 draw a blue sky
At the top you need to draw blue sky and clouds.
 draw blue sky
 varnish it
At the end Evaluate the overall look of the panel and work through all the remaining details. After that, varnish it on several layers, completely drying each previous one.
 cover with stain
The reverse side also needs to be improved. For example, cover with the stain of a suitable shade.
 repeat the operation with varnish
Then repeat the operation with varnish.And after its complete drying add to the panel with any decorative elements.
 Easter panel

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