Dress-shirt: always topical and stylish

Becoming fashionable with a light hand Coco Chanel, dress-shirt occupies an honorable place in the wardrobe of exquisite ladies. Modern styles are far from the classics, they have a lot of spectacular digressions. Some details may be completely absent, while others, on the contrary, are an elegant addition to the created image.

Elegant dress shirts are appropriate anytime, anywhere. There are among them models for business ladies who prefer office style. Such an outfit is equally effective for evening walks.

Short, long, fitted and loose dress-shirts always emphasize femininity and elegance. They are good not only in themselves, but also in combination with other elements of clothing and accessories.

Shoes for such models can also be different: from boots on a Viennese heel to stiletto sandals.

Plain and colored with long and short sleeves, straight and flared to the bottom, complemented by flawless stitching patterns look perfect.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:43 / Views: 53355

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