Down Pillows - Buying and Care

Pillows filled with fluff are no less in demand today than they were several centuries ago. However, with one difference - if earlier to become its owner housewives collected their own fluff and sewed a cover, then today you can buy a down pillow in every store. But how to choose and organize her care?

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Down is not just a comfortable and soft pillow, but also a pillow that is good for health because of its 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials. Waking up on it will make you feel rested and full of energy for the whole day ahead.

Buy the product should be in the specialized stores, since the purchase "on hand" does not guarantee the quality of the collected fluff. After all, you do not want to fall on the feathers, died of a disease of a bird? When choosing fluff, give preference to fluff geese, swans, eiders and diving ducks. Chicken down and feathers as a filler in many civilized countries are forbidden to use, because they absorb too much moisture and can not be processed.

Pillows are formed with a different ratio of fluff and feathers. The main rule of choice - the smaller the down and more feathers, the stiffer the pillow. The cover must be natural, breathable to the filler. Pillow size - at your discretion. By the way, the product may not be suitable for people with allergic reactions or individual intolerance.

How to care for down

Activities for the care of down pillows from Ivanovo can be divided into regular and periodic. When properly executed, the product will please the wonderful appearance and performance of you, your children and grandchildren.

Pillows filled with down need to be whipped daily, not only to give shape, but also so that the filler does not loosen, but remains light and airy, the down “breathed.”

Every two to four weeks, air and dry the pillows. The higher the humidity in the room where the bed is, the more often it needs to be done. Of course, such an event is best held in the open air, for example, in the courtyard, on the balcony or near an open window.

Wash pillows are not more than once a year, provided that more often does not require the appearance of the product. To do this, take the product to the dry cleaner or to specialists who are engaged in cleaning and restoring pillows.

Home washing is set aside for extreme cases, as this is a time consuming and difficult process:

  • cover and fluff separately;
  • Place the fluff in a cloth bag and wash it in cool, soapy water several times. Rinse the fluff until the soap suds completely disappear and dry well (even 1% of moisture will lead to the development of various bacteria). It is allowed to wash in a delicate mode in a washing machine with tennis balls;
  • fluff is undesirable to dry on direct sunlight.

It is strictly forbidden to store down pillows in bags that do not allow air. The filler should "breathe" even when in the summer in a storeroom or cupboard.

Performing these simple procedures will preserve the aesthetic appearance and useful qualities of the pillow for many years.

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