Making the Dream Catcher

In this master class, you will learn how tomake the Dream Catcherwith your own hands. The master class has a detailed description, including a large number of photos, so even a beginner can cope with the manufacture.

Dreamcatcher came to us from the Indians and has its own specific meaning and significance. However, different Indian peoples have different meanings and purposes. For example, the Lakota people believe that Dream Catcher catches good thoughts and dreams, and also misses everything negative. And the Ojibwe people dreamcatcher «filters» dreams, missing only pleasant and good, and evil and terrible dreams get entangled in his web and crumble with the first rays of the sun.

Materials and tools:

  1. the base of the bracelet or any large ring
  2. thick cord
  3. feather, for example, earrings with feathers;
  4. beads;
  5. thread and needle;
  6. beads;
  7. feathers.

Step 1

We take the ring and wrap it with a cord, tightly laying the turn to the turn.When we have finished the winding of the ring, tie the knot and make a loop.

Step 2

Take the thread and needle, thread the needle into the thread and proceed to the weaving. You can start the weaving anywhere. We pass the needle and thread through the cord and tie the knot.

Now we define the shape of the web, for example, six-, seven-, octagon, etc., at your discretion. In this master class it will be a heptagon. We retreat some distance and make a knot and so on, until we return to the first nodule. How to knit a knot well shown in the figures is quite simple.

Step 3

Before we continue weaving the web, learn how to tie knots on a string. The knot is tied in the middle of the thread segment. The technique is also well shown in the drawings. It is better to always knit two knots, because one knot can slide on a thread.

Step 4

We continue to work and weave the inner heptagon. For attaching the thread, use the knot from Step 2.

Step 5

Repeating steps 2,3,4, weave the spider web to get the desired result. In the process of weaving, you can add various decorations, for example, beads, to decorate the Dream Catcher.

Step 6

Let's start fixing the feathers, which are an integral part of the Dream Catcher.

Cut a small piece of cord and tie it based on. Next, take the earring and bite the schwenze, you just need a pen. At the end, just sew the feathers to the ends of the cord.

All,Dream Catcheris ready.You can come up with other ways to decorate the Dream Catcher, for example, add more feathers, decorate feathers with beads or color them; use threads of different colors. How to decorate let them tell you fantasy.

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