DIY Sorter

It is very easy to make a sorter with your own hands, but the benefits of this developmental simulator cannot be overestimated. For preschoolers who master the fundamental concepts of mathematics and logic, the ability to sort objects is of great importance. It is sure to come in handy when entering school. We offer to assemble an Olympic sorter from traffic jams of various colors.

 do-it-yourself sorter

do-it-yourself sorter

All you need to do:

  • accumulate a sufficient number of plastic corks.
  • cut for them from thick cardboard cardboard pads of the same color as cork. Another option is to make platforms from self-adhesive film and fix them on the children's table, so it will be more convenient for the kid to work with them. You can also draw zones for sorting on a large sheet of drawing paper or wallpaper residues.
  • it’s nice to take care of where your sorter’s detail will lie.

It’s very convenient to use for this a plastic container inside divided into sections, or adapt a regular box by making partitions of cardboard.You can do with jars or cut plastic bottles, sticking electrical tape on the top, cut edge, so that the child does not hurt.

That's all. We did a wonderful simulator for children with which we can conduct a wide variety of game activities.

The first and simplest exercise is to spread out the caps on the platforms of the same color as them. So the child learns to form groups of objects according to one of their signs - color. With kids, we repeat the names of the colors. With older kids in the process, you can count how many caps have already gone "home", how many are left, how many of them all - this is how the count and knowledge of the composition of the number are fixed.

neatly sorted by color

gently sort by colors

Put all the plugs of the same color in place, proceed to the next. If you mix all the corks together in the same container before, the task becomes more complicated.

 do-it-yourself sorter

do-it-yourself sorter

DIY sorter

Sorter with our own hands

So we put all the corks in places. Let's talk about what colors are used, how many corks are on each site.If you used monochrome caps of different sizes, pay attention to this child's attention: one cap is larger than another, but they are of the same color. So we learn to combine objects that are similar in one trait, but different in another.

An interesting game for children - the construction of towers from traffic jams. She develops fine motor skills, patience and perseverance of the baby. You can complicate the task: draw a diagram of the turret on a sheet of paper and invite the child to assemble a tower according to this plan.

 DIY sorter 1

DIY sorter 1

 DIY Sorter 2

DIY Sorter 2

DIY Sorter 3

Sorter with your own hands 3

You can offer your kid to build turrets, setting a kind of record - count how many corks he could put on each other without dropping. Such elements of the competition, albeit with themselves, give the classes an additional interest.

An interesting task is to build towers of equal height at different sites.Here, the child will need to think about how to do it.

In the course of training, watching your child, you will probably come up with your own methods of using the sorter. The main thing is that both you and the kid enjoy these classes.

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