Many designers have long preferred to use as their main home accessory and decorating textiles. And this is entirely deserved, because such a decor element as a pillow has already been used for more than one century, or even a millennium, in various Eastern and European countries. And there is no established uniform type of pillows: round, rectangular, oval and square ... It remains only to choose from the proposed range.

A worthy alternative to a purchased cushion is one that is made with your own hands. Moreover, with the help of some of the basics of the patchwork technique for beginners, this becomes not at all difficult and even interesting.



Pillows in the classic patchwork technique

This option will be a great addition to the room in the style of ethnic. This does not mean that similar quilting cannot be used in other interiors, not at all. For example, in the minimalist style, clear lines between patches can bring some kind of lively note to a strictly seasoned room. The same applies to the rural style.

Here you can give free rein to fantasy and create your own pleasure. Skillfully compiling colors and types of patches, you can create your own unique interior style no worse than professional designers.

Such a sewing - is not complicated, on the contrary. The main thing in advance is to worry about whether you have the necessary tools and fabric of the required tone.

The fabric for the patchwork cushion does not have to be bought. If you have the remains of tailoring curtains - fine, this will be the main material for the manufacture of decorative pillows.


DIY patchwork patchwork

DIY cushion patchwork

The classic pillow usually consists of a monochrome back side and a quilted front. To make such a thing, you will need 16 (8 monophonic and 8 multi-colored) shreds of fabric, each square with a side of 10 cm. Match two monochromatic flaps and 2 colored front sides and use a typewriter.

Smooth the stitches. Do the same with all the others so that in the end there are 4 straight bands.It remains the case for small: to connect the stripes in such a way that the squares create the effect of a chessboard.



With the wrong side is much easier. To do this, you will need a monochromatic fabric of the same size as the material that came out of patchwork strips.

Add another 20 cm for the roll-up bow (on one side). Now fold all the front parts to each other and whittle away, and the hem of the pillowcase should remain at the bottom. Ironing and leveling seams.

Knitted patchwork pillow

As you know, pillows are of several types, including knitted. No wonder that with the help of the patchwork technique you can make a similar beauty for your rest room. Let's try to make a pillow pipe together.

To do this, you need a simple set of tools and material: a foam sheet (pay attention to the thickness, it should not be too bulky), a hook and, of course, residues from different colors of the yarn.

Now is the time to start knitting various openwork patterns. What - everyone chooses himself. Here the main thing in the end to conclude turned out in a small square "frame" along the edges.Then we connect the opposite edges and sew in such a way that a kind of pipe comes out.

Now you need to tie the side parts for the pillow. Circular technique of knitting will help here. We attach one part with the help of yarn, and the other with fasteners (it is better to use the machine stitch for reliability).

Foam rubber is used as a gasket. This pillowcase is very convenient to remove, primarily due to the fastener on the side.

Pillow of jeans in patchwork style

Probably the most joyous version of patchwork. First of all, a good mood is given by the fact that thanks to this technique, old jeans acquire a second life, and your interior receives a new original piece of jewelry that no one else has.

First you need to prepare the material: collect all the old jeans, stretch it, stretch the fabric itself and iron it so that there are no irregularities. Now cut even squares or rectangles.

This technique completely repeats the classical. That is, sew the patches first with the front part in pairs, form strips of them, and then create the entire canvas. There is nothing complicated. Do not forget at the end to align and iron out all seams.



Now stitch the received cloths from three sides, and fill the inside with a filling (synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, etc.) through the rest. It is better to carefully sew the last side manually with an “invisible” stitch. As a rule, such a pillow is erased entirely and does not require any additional care.


Patchwork pillow with your own hands photo

"Crazy-patchwork" and pillow in this style

The most famous patchwork is famous for its bright colors and additional decorative elements. To create a pillow in this style, you will need a large number of pieces of various shades and colors. Also, prepare different kinds of laces or braid to decorate the seams.

Crazy sewing technique is different from the classic one. If in the classics we connected alternately shreds into strips, then here we will act differently. Choose the shred of the most irregular shape. This will be the middle of the product.

Now, sew new items alternately to it, aligning the edges if necessary. Thus, sew the entire canvas, cutting off all the excess at the edges.

Decorate the seams with additional cords or braid, and open the edge, which will be the “pocket” of the pillowcase, either gently sew, or also decorate with ribbon.

It is necessary to sew the pillowcase in the usual way, that is, connecting two canvases between each other, the side of one of which should be 20 cm longer for the gate. In general, the grinding of two elements is repeated, as in the classic style of creating a pillow.

Do not forget to properly align the seams at the end so that the pillowcase is neat. Put your pillow on. Now is the time to admire your creation!

As you can see, the creation of pillows using the patchwork technique is an exercise, though enduring, but incredibly interesting. Experiment, make your life brighter every day, creating such things for the house, because the real comfort lies in the details.

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