Do-it-yourself Charcoal

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, today we will talk about making charcoal with minimum costs. You will need:
  • Firewood.
  • A small piece of land.
  • Shovel.
  • Metal cover, about 50 cm.

Making charcoal

First you need to dig a hole about one meter deep and half a meter wide. These sizes may vary.
Charcoal do it yourself
Charcoal do-it-yourself
Next, we prepare firewood, from which coal will turn out. Firewood needs almost twice as much as your pit. And we start to make a fire in it. At first I was afraid that inside there would be a lack of oxygen and the fire would not grow hot, but everything turned out to be exactly the opposite. There was a natural thrust (most likely), and the firewood flared up perfectly.
Charcoal do-it-yourself
And then we gradually raise the fire to the very top, throwing up firewood when the old ones burn through. Do not be afraid to throw a lot of firewood at once, because everything is burning well enough. And when I thought I had gone too far with firewood, and the fire had gone out, yet it soon flared up again.
Charcoal do it yourself
Charcoal with your own hands
I hammered a hole completely with wood, and the fire rose high enough. Then I, I confess, did not photograph this fire, because I was really afraid that I could make a small fire. Here is my first jamb - the place to choose is open so that there are no flammable objects, a distance of a meter from the pit. So, when the top layer of firewood is almost burned out, you need to close the hole with a lid. There may be problems finding a suitable cover. In general, I have a leaky barrel on my farm, from which it is enough to cut the bottom with a grinder, and there will be a wonderful cover. But are we looking for easy ways? There is an option how to get out without a large enough lid.I took some kind of metal mesh, threw it over the pit, and pressed it with bricks on its sides so that it would not slide away. Next, I put several metal flat sheets on this grid, which replaced one large lid.
Charcoal do it yourself
Specifically, this photo was taken after I finished and took out the finished coal, later I will explain why. After that, we put sand on these covers to prevent oxygen from entering the pit.
Charcoal do it yourself
So you can not say that there is some kind of pit. In general, we leave the whole thing for about ten to twelve hours. I usually start to make a fire at six o'clock in the evening, and in the morning, at ten o'clock, I get out the ready coal. That is, it remains only to wait for time, remove the cover, well, or cover, and pull out the finished charcoal.
Charcoal with your own hands
When I did all this for the first time, at first I thought that coal would be approximately above half a pit, and only ash at the bottom. But it turned out that the whole pit was completely clogged with coal! On the contrary, at the top, part of the firewood remained as firewood, since I started to close them too early.


First, it is better to use one large lid.But if you still do like me, then do everything very quickly. Actually, at the first experiment, I closed it too slowly and fell asleep on the top of the pit, because of what I knocked the fierce column of smoke, be ready for it! Secondly, choose an open area, and not like I'm near a wooden fence and wooden doors. Plus, I have a top layer of primer, i.e. one third of the pit is sandy. Because of this, with coal, I pulled a lot of sand, which would then have to be separated. Also, this method is more suitable for those who have at their disposal, there is a large amount of unnecessary firewood. Since buying a special firewood is not very profitable, it is cheaper to buy coal. Well, and at the end, this is really coal, and not burned firewood! I used it to kindle a blacksmith's forge, so I liked it a lot more than the shopkeeper. Good luck to all who decide to follow my example!

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