Description of a grade of a tomato Summer resident

Tomato Summer resident is an early fruitful variety. It can be grown in open ground, greenhouse and even at home.

Description of a grade of a tomato Summer resident

Plants sredneroslye, grow to 70 cm in height. Branchiness is weak, compact bushes. It is best to leave 3-4 shoots, the culture will give greater yield.

tomato summer resident
Tomato Summer resident distributed in Siberia and the Urals
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The first fruits appear 95−105 days after sowing the seeds. Fruiting long, ripeness of tomatoes is good.

Summer resident fruits stably even under adverse weather conditions. Its fruits are tasty, suitable for fresh consumption, preservation and preparation of juice.

The advantage of the variety is cold resistance, resistance to fusarium and non-infectious vertex rot. Yield is average, up to 4 kg from a bush. There are no flaws in this variety.

Characteristic of fruits:

  • red tomatoes, round shape, near the stem of the surface ribbed;
  • on average, 55–90 g weigh, specimens grow to 100–150 g in the greenhouse;
  • up to 10 fruits can be tied on one hand;
  • the skin is thin but dense.

Tomatoes are sweet, sugar content is higher than that of the White Beer variety. Fruits contain high amounts of ascorbic acid and iron. They are stored for a long time in a cool room for more than 3 weeks, do not lose their presentation during transportation.

How to grow a variety of tomato Summer Resident

For seedlings pick up a plot with light fertile soil. Heavy soil will not work. Before planting, be sure to make organic fertilizer. The best predecessors for tomatoes will be cucumbers, onions and carrots. You can plant seedlings after cabbage and greens. The risk of disease increases with the cultivation of tomatoes in the area where they previously grew potatoes, peppers or solanaceous.

On 1 square. m should be no more than 6−7 plants. Planted tomatoes at a distance of 70 cm from each other, between the rows leave a space of 40-50 cm. Plants should be ventilated and lit from all sides. At more dense landing of tomatoes productivity decreases.


  • spud the stem to a height of 15 cm;
  • since the plants do not exceed 1 m in height, they do not need to be tied up and stepson;
  • water in summer 2 times a month;
  • loosen the soil around and remove the weeds;
  • Feed 2 times a season with complex mineral fertilizers.

Culture is unpretentious.

Variety Summer resident can be grown in any region of Russia, the most suitable for him is the climate of the Moscow region. With proper care, there will be no problems with these tomatoes.

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