Decoration of the Easter egg

For decorating an Easter egg, you can use any beads and small buttons, as well as various ribbons and braid. The main thing in this way to decorate an egg for the holiday is to create a background from newspapers. Rural simplicity was used for this master class. Braid from natural material, modest beads-flowers and a background from newspapers, resembling dry hay. The result was a simple but exquisite decoration of an Easter egg. By combining different types of ribbons and beads, when decorating Easter eggs, you can achieve completely different effects. Call for help fantasy and try to create a small masterpiece with your own hands. So, to decorate an Easter egg, we need: • Egg. • • Newspaper. • • PVA glue.• Brush. • Lace. • Beads. 1. Free the egg from the contents.
 Decorating an Easter Egg
2.The newspaper is torn into small pieces.
 Decorating an Easter Egg
3. Adhesive PVA is used diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.
 Decorating the Easter Egg
4. We put a piece of newspaper and we grease it with plenty of glue. Then we take the next piece and impose it in such a way that the edge is partially found on the previous layer of the newspaper. Again, we apply glue to the Easter egg.  Decorating an Easter Egg
5. Repeating the procedure described in paragraph 4, gradually fill the entire surface of the egg. We leave the egg until the glue dries.  Decorating an Easter Egg 6. We continue to work on the dried egg, we paste the braid.
 Decorating the Easter Egg
7. For decoration, we use beads-flowers (or any other beads that are available).That's all, the Easter egg is ready to decorate the festive table.  Decorating an Easter Egg
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