Decorate your house with colorful crocheted clock

Time should be spent either with advantage, or with pleasure. By creating such a watch, you can combine business with pleasure. They will be an excellent decoration for a nursery or workshop.

You will need:

  • Bright cotton or acrylic yarn in different colors;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brushes;
  • the basis for watches for the store of creativity (or Chinese watches and a piece of cardboard);
  • hook;
  • wooden numbers;
  • ready decor (optional);
  • hot glue

If you are unable to find a ready-made base, remove the dial from the Chinese watch or alarm clock, and then glue a flat circle of cardboard or plywood on top.

Pick the right thread. It is better to use cotton or smooth acrylic. Take some bright colors.

The dial is dyed with acrylic in the color that matches the shade of thread, which was chosen for knitting the main fabric.

Using a crochet hook, we knit an even circle with a diameter slightly larger than the dial.

For one of the sectors we introduce colored threads into knitting.

The edge we make out any pattern. You can leave it smooth.

For decor we knit several flowers of different colors. You can choose any other pattern, including attaching a lace napkin on top.

We attach the finished connected circle to the painted dial with hot glue.

Sew flowers, buttons. Paste any other decor.

Top mount arrows.

The figures should be pre-painted with colored acrylic, and then fixed on the clock. You can crochet them.

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