Decole furniture is always high-quality furniture at reasonable prices.

Decole furniture is always high-quality furniture at reasonable prices in St. Petersburg. Sliding wardrobes to order, kitchens and living rooms, personifying the dream of any hostess, children's rooms and dressing rooms for any measurement for every taste. You can also order from us individual pieces of furniture or purchase interior details or decor elements.

Why is it worth buying or ordering furniture in “Decole”?

We make custom-made furniture

Our own production in St. Petersburg makes it possible to manufacture furniture according to individual sizes from materials delivered directly from Europe. For example, we receive chipboard from Germany from EGGER, we buy facades and fittings in Italy and Austria.

We sell ready-made designer furniture from Spain

The longstanding traditions of the masters have made Spanish furniture the benchmark of taste and quality. The value and uniqueness of classic and modern furniture is precisely in the individual approach to each subject of the situation.

We offer unique decorations and unique furniture.

The works of our designers have repeatedly attracted attention at exhibitions of interiors and furniture conferences. Libraries or cabinets from the array according to the sketches of our specialists will decorate any home and highlight the high status of the owner.

In addition to the furniture itself, properly selected and decorated items and accessories will help to give a unique apartment. The company "Decole" will help to make any house as individual as possible.

We follow the fashion

Furniture fashion is reflected not only in the appearance of structures, but also in the variety of materials used, finishes and decor options. We always carefully monitor the latest trends of European furniture stores.

Furniture is from “Decole”!

We try to help our clients, to take over their cares in the selection of the necessary details. We ourselves go to the house, carry out measurements for free, deliver the finished products, assemble and install at a convenient time for the customer.

We promptly carry out orders in six weeks in St. Petersburg, quickly deliver furniture from Spain - up to three months.In addition, we offer to get acquainted with the furniture catalog on our website and choose the furniture you like that can make your home even more beautiful and comfortable.

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