30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life



No matter how how bad your date planning skills are or how boring your love life gets, you can always make it matter. All you need is to learn the do's and don'ts dating tips and few effective dating ideas. Keep browsing to find all the help you need to get rid of your dating problems.

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  • Some relationships end to never rekindle, but some are meant to be. If you belong to the latter and want to rekindle a romance with your ex, then here are some questions that you need to ask before you go ahead with your plan. 

  • Your busy schedule does not allow you to spare time for you as well as for your loved ones. Read on to know some simple ways to surprise your partner at work.

  • Being a haapy couple is not as easy as it seem. Healthy and happy couples know how to even the odds.They know what is required in a relationship and what needs attention. Here are a few things you can try if you want to be a happier couple.

  • Have you ever felt constricted in a relationship? Take a moment and think about if you feel free and connected with your partner.

  • You should not let the distance be an obstacle to your relationship. If you wish to make your long distance relationship work, it is time to follow these commandments.

  • Saying “NO” in any relationship can be tricky because it might come out as offensive or problematic. Here is how you can handle it with love, compassion and empathy.

  • In early stages of a relationship, lovers overlook the finance while soon things turn nasty and they start fighting over money. Read on to know how you can manage finances. 

  • We are often on the lookout for the perfect match for ourselves and in the quest, we end up attracting someone who is wrong for us. read this to know why you keep attracting the wrong people. 

  • A significant age gap can affect your relationship in many ways. However, such relationships with a wide age gap are more acceptable these days but there are some situations that can make it difficult for the relationship to work out.

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