Countries where you are paid only for the fact that you live there

Would you like to live in another country, and even for money?

Not many people know that there are countries that need permanent residents, and are ready for them for their sake. If you have long dreamed of going to another country, then this post is for you!

City of Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Paris of the West", "Automobile Capital of the USA" ... Almost completely deserted city lost these glorious titles in the second half of the XX century. And currently struggling to restore its former glory. Local authorities presented a new Challenge Detroit program, which offers $ 2500 to specialists in various industries who will live and work in the city.

Alaska, USA

If you like winter, snowy landscapes and a leisurely pace of life and you are not afraid of low temperatures, then life in Alaska may be ideal for you. Special government fund pays professionals who agree to work in regions where the population is steadily falling.The only condition - you need to live in Alaska for at least one year.

Saskatchewan, Canada

The Canadian province offers recently graduated specialists who have not yet decided what to do next in life, an amazing opportunity. Young enthusiasts will be paid 20,000 Canadian dollars for their work and living in the province for seven years.

Niagara Falls, USA

Another fantastic opportunity that seems too unbelievable to be true is to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and get money for it. The authorities offer 7 thousand dollars to university graduates as a stimulating factor for working in local enterprises for two years.

Ponga, Asturias, Spain

This delightful little village in the protected areas of northeast Spain is one of the oldest in the country. To attract young people and strengthen the economy, local authorities offer 3 thousand euros to each young couple who will move there to live. Plus, for every child born in the village, 3,000 euros are also paid. This is a great opportunity to live in an incredibly beautiful place with a clean environment.

Utrecht, Netherlands

The Netherlands is known throughout the world for its profound study of the humanities and social sciences. And here is one of their social experiments: what happens if everyone living in the same city receives $ 1,000?

Curtis, Nebraska, United States

Each of us certainly complained that the local authorities do not do anything significant for the city. The American town of Curtis offered a solution - anyone can get a site for free if they offer a really worthwhile idea for improving urban infrastructure or culture.

New Haven, CT

New Haven is a government program designed to increase interest in the city. If you are buying a house here for the first time, you will be given a loan of 10 thousand dollars without interest. If you live in the house for more than five years, then the loan is fully written off. You can also get 30 thousand dollars to equip your house with new energy-saving features. If you live in it for 10 years, you can not return the money.

Baltimore, MD

This is the seventh most dangerous city in America, but he really wants to change, and therefore gives visitors 5 thousand dollars to buy a house anywhere in the city.If this amount does not impress you, you can double it by buying an abandoned house - yes, an empty and non-residential house that needs repair, but is actually free.

Most of the state of Kansas

Kansas is willing to pay you if you move. The city of Lincoln (population 3,500), for example, will give you free land for building a house. If Lincoln is too huge for you, you can get land in the city of Marquette, where there are only 600 inhabitants. In addition, you will be exempt from income tax for 5 years or repay a loan for studying at a university in the amount of up to 15 thousand dollars

Pipestone, Manitoba

In the Canadian city of Pipestone do not distribute land for free, but they offer steep discounts if you build on the site during the year. In addition, if you want to start a business, the city offers grants up to 32 thousand Canadian dollars (24 thousand US dollars).

Matsiker Island, Tasmania

If the United States or Canada do not inspire you, then what about Tasmania? On the island of Matsayker off the coast of Tasmania are given jobs and housing. Preference to families that will serve the lighthouse, provide meteorological reports, monitor the land and buildings. If they, of course, agree to life in relative isolation.To live in a lighthouse on the edge of the earth - isn't it a dream?

Mishima, Japan

You are alone? Then you are waiting for the Japanese settlement of Mishima (not to be confused with the city of Mishima). The village is located on three small islands, and the population is only about 400 people, and mostly it is retired. Mishima offers the Japanese 100 thousand yen (about $ 840) to cover the cost of moving, and a monthly allowance for the first three years of living in this village. Here you can rent a three-bedroom house for 23 thousand yen ($ 207) per month. And the last thing - they give you a cow. One free cow!

Pitcairn Island, South Pacific

If you want to live on one of the most remote islands in the world, Pitcairn is for you. There are only 50 people here, because every immigrant gets free land in this island paradise. Alas, but since 2015 only one person has moved there. Maybe because there is only one store on the island, which is open only three days a week, and everything must be ordered in advance from New Zealand? But if you like beaches and seclusion, you can become the second person who moved there.

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