Construction change houses, we use as a country house or hozblok


Change houses build of containers of block (modular) type. Such rooms are incredibly versatile and can perform a variety of functions. For example, in a change house you can arrange a small warehouse, organize a workplace and even create a small kiosk. Such premises can perform the function of a temporary home, and modern technologies can give it an aesthetic appearance and manufacturability.

What could be the reasons for the construction of residential sheds?

First of all, you need to understand what exactly makes such a room suitable for living on a non-permanent basis. The fact is that time houses can be insulated, modern communication can be carried out in them, and also made externally attractive. These opportunities allow a long time to stay in change houses.

CONVEYT construction sheds

Block container room is intended for the following situations:

Specialization for construction trailer. The fact is that this type of housing for builders is very beneficial for construction companies. Vestnik, unlike a detached dwelling, settles down once and can be transported from one building base to another. This saves a large amount of time and money, and therefore is popular with developers.

Arrangement of budget health camps and resort recreation. Timelocks are very convenient for such purposes, because they are very inexpensive, and serve for a long time, almost like an ordinary house. Very often, the owners of such tourist centers, build a change house very nicely, which increases the cost of accommodation, but does not make the cost prohibitively high. If the temporary house is equipped with only basic conditions, such as heat insulation and modest repairs, the cost of living becomes very low for the tourist.

Construction of sheds on the summer cottage. This is a very popular option, because many people come to the country rarely, and therefore it does not make sense to overpay.If the gardener arrives at the site in the winter, you can warm the house, it will even allow you to spend the night in a change house. A cabin for summer trips will cost even less. The most budget option is a temporary building storage facility. Often the owners choose a temporary building because of the savings, not money, but the area of ​​the plot. Full houses take up a lot of space, and many gardeners want to use the plot as a garden or a garden.

Another advantage of the trailers is the ease of obtaining a building permit. This procedure is much easier than the paperwork for a full house.

Cars can be built as a unit, and create a whole modular complex. This will significantly increase the flow of tourists to the holiday center or customers for rent.

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