Coffee Brown Snowman

We sew from the coarse calico of one of the symbols of winter and New YearCoffee Brown Snowman.

Materials and tools:

  1. coarse calico
  2. a little orange fabric for the nose;
  3. buttons for attaching handles;
  4. strong thread, for example, kapron;
  5. filler (sintepon)
  6. coffee, cinnamon, vanilla;
  7. PVA glue;
  8. scissors;
  9. sewing machine;
  10. yarn for hats, scarves and other decorations.

Step 1

On thick paper or cardboard, we draw a snowman pattern: body + head, pens, bottom and nose. Cut out.

We fold together the coarse calico, translate the pattern of the torso and the handles, we shear the fabric with pins. Do not cut.

On the sewing machine, we spend on the contour, leaving not the bottom of the trunk sewn and 2 cm on the side, a small section on the hand (on the pattern marked with a felt-tip pen, it is better for the body to leave the hole for eversion on the vertex, since the cap will hide the seam).

We cut out the stitched details of a snowman, in the places of the bends we make cuts, so it’s easier to turn them out.

We cut out the bottom of dense brown fabric. Sew on the bottom of the body and turn out the part through the hole. We fill with a synthetic winterizer and sew up a hole with a secret seam.

We also twist the handles through the hole, fill it with padding polyester and sew up the hole with a secret seam.

All the details of the snowman are ready.

Step 2

Getting down to tinting and drying.

For toner: in 200 ml of warm water we dilute about 1 tsp. (color is controlled by the amount of added coffee - we are experimenting) with ordinary instant coffee, add 1 tsp. cinnamon, 0.5 bags of vanilla, 2 tsp. PVA glue; mix everything well.

Sponge gently, trying not to wet much, tint the parts and put them while on a rag.

Preheat oven to 50-700C. Put a towel on the grid (baking sheet), put the body of a snowman on it (it is better to put the body on the bottom so that the color will turn out to be even after drying) and the handle. Send the grill for 15-20 minutes in the oven.

Step 3

We cut out the nose from the orange fabric, fold it, sew it along the edge and turn it out. We stuff with a synthetic winterizer. Along the edge of the hole we make stitches and simply tighten the nose opening by pulling the thread. Sew carrot nose to the head.

We sew handles, fastening them with buttons. For sewing, it is better to use a long needle (9 cm) and nylon thread, so that the tip of the nylon thread does not open, we drop a little glue on it a moment.

The basics for further decoration and creativity are ready.

We draw eyes with acrylic paints, you can embroider the mouth and dress snowmen in winter clothes - scarves, hats and others.

Decorate snowmen as you like.

Allfunny coffee snowmenare ready.

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